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Bird and Pest Control Services in Swindon, Bristol, Wiltshire and Surrounding Areas

The Pest Controller in Swindon, are specialists in pest control and bird management services throughout Wiltshire, Bristol, Oxford and surrounding areas, using a range of techniques.

Common Bird Pests and Problems

Bird pests can cause major problems, particularly Pigeons and Gulls. Gulls nesting on roofs can cause blockages in drain pipes and gutters potentially causing flooding issues, leading to damage to buildings and the contents. Gulls can also be very aggressive when they have young and eggs to protect, causing distress in the workforce and the general public. Their droppings are unsightly and can lead to expensive repairs and cleaning services for buildings and vehicle paintwork.

Feral pigeons nesting on buildings can lead to unsightly droppings down the façade. Slip and trip hazards are caused if the droppings are allowed to build up. Pigeons are carriers of diseases such as Psittacosis, Salmonella and Tuberculosis, which can be very dangerous to the workforce and the general public. We’re here to help prevent this from happening, by providing pest control services across Swindon and surrounding areas.

Specialist Hawk Bird Control

Netting can be expensive and can end up damaged. This method is not always suitable for some buildings, so as part of our bird management services, we fly hawks to control bird pests. The hawks are trained to fly in the chosen area or site; this causes distress in the pest bird population. Along with nest and egg removal, flying a Hawk has proven very successful for a number of extremely satisfied customers.


Call the Pest Controller on 07557 023940

If you are currently experiencing problems with pests, whether it’s birds, rodents or insects, call The Pest Controller on 07557 023940 and we will be happy to discuss our full range of pest control services with you.

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